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New Tool To Fight Domestic Violence

A RISK-ASSESSMENT tool soon to be introduced will help frontline workers better evaluate women and children's risk of domestic violence, allowing experts to intervene earlier to prevent deaths and injuries.

Start By Dipping Into The Sac

Your year's work should prove a useful tool, writes Meredith Fettling.

Let's Applaud Aboriginal Footballers, Without The Self-service

Indigenous Round is more than a marketing tool, if it's done correctly.

Beaten Teenager Left For Dead, Says Qc

THE Sydney TAFE student Lauren Huxley suffered horrific and life-threatening injuries when she was repeatedly beaten by a heavy cutting tool, a court has heard. Ms Huxley's alleged attacker, Robert Black Farmer, 38, is on trial in the NSW Supreme Court, accused of detaining the then 18-year-old for his advantage more

Can Music Save The Planet?

In the 1980s rock stars raised millions of dollars to feed Africa. But 20 years later parts of Africa are still devastated by famine. If big rock concerts couldn't defeat famine, what hope do they have against climate change? Anne Davies reports.